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Helicopter charter

Chartering a private helicopter is an offer for clients whose journey destinations is a long way from available airports, the usual airplane can’t reach and cars or trains are to slow or do not meet individual needs for many other reasons.

In addition, we highly recommend chartering a private helicopter when place of take-off or/and landing chosen by passenger  is on their possession, square, prairie or other kind of private area. Our helicopters are landing on malls’ parkings, places near factories or other open-space locations without high voltage lines or trees which may cause potential danger.

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If you are sure that there is no reason not to land or take-off at you possession or other kind of location, we are asking you to send a request about helicopter charter and our operational department using satellite images will create an opinion about landing ability.

Our fleet includes 5 types of helicopters with classification by amount of passengers:
for 3 persons:  Robinson R44
for 4 persons:  Robinson R66, Eurocopter EC120
for 5 persons:  Bell 407, Bell 427 (2 engines)

Our pilots are the highest qualified and experienced in flying with limited weather conditions, difficult mountainous areas or long-distance flights! With our pilots on the board you are in the best hands!