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The list of our services:
– Paroling and diagnostics of power lines
– inspection
– thermal vision
– “CORONA” discharge examination
– Recording and laser scanning of the routes of power lines
– Creating and updating Geographic Information System (GIS)
– Assistance in commissioning of maintenance services and renovations (e.g. painting)
– Assistance in constructing new power lines
– Assistance in live-line working
– “Emergency” services

Foregoing list does not exhaust all of the possibilities of using helicopters in favor of your business. We invite you to contact us for your order customization.

We provide services for the operators of transmission and distribution system. We have long-running experience in supporting high and medium voltage line maintenance services.


In case of additional questions, please contact our duty officer at the hotline number: +48 500 803 800 any time during the day or night.