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Sightseeing flights over Warsaw

Scenic flight is a recreational, non-commercial use of Call&Fly fleet as an answer to tourism and recreation sector needs. It is wonderful occasion to enjoy landscape from aerial prospect which gives you unforgettable experience. We can make a flight on every route you want, for example to watch your cottage, area for investment, to take some pictures or just enjoy views and relax.


Nowadays everyone can order a flight and just pick on the map a point to see – this option will give you a lot of excitement. If you ever thought about how Poland looks like from the sky – now you can take a look by yourself. Without any doubt scenic flight is one of the most exciting experience in the airspace. If you have a wish, our pilot can show you around the hangar to see other aircrafts which we are using for business flights and explain basic rules about flying.

The possible aircrafts for this flight are:

  1. Cessna 172 Skylane (max 3 passengers)
    Aircraft interior panorama: http://www.panoramy.callandfly.pl/c182.html
  2. Cessna 206 Stationair (max 4 passengers / much more space)
    Aircraft interior panorama: http://www.panoramy.callandfly.pl/c206.html
  3. Beechcraft Baron BE58 (max 4 passengers / luxury private car – engine plane 2)
    Aircraft interior panorama: http://www.panoramy.callandfly.pl/be58.html
  4. Robinson R44 helicopter (3 passengers)
    Heli interior panorama: http://www.panoramy.callandfly.pl/r44.html
  5. Bell 407 helicopter (5 passengers)
    Heli interior panorama: http://www.panoramy.callandfly.pl/b407.html

In order to receive a price for flight, please contact: +48 500 803 800 or booking@callandfly.pl