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Flight voucher - a gift for your dearest!

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”  Leonardo da Vinci

Now you have wonderful opportunity to touch the sky and catch a glimpse of Warsaw from that prospect! You can personally decide which craft you want to fly – plane or helicopter.

Below we present a description of the route and details of the 1-hour sightseeing flight over Warsaw.


Flight program in the Warsaw area:

During the flight you will see the city center, the old town, city center sky scrapers, Polish National Stadium from the air, Legia Stadium on Łazienkowska street (Pepsi Arena) and many more. Then we will fly heading Jozefow, Otwock up to Mount Calvary. After that we would like to invite you to see the shimmering sun panes over Zegrze Lake and 2 biggest local rivers Bug and Narew which become one river over the water dam in Debe. After that we will returning to the airport, flying along the Vistula, the North Bridge and the national Park in Kampinos.

On the way back we will fly further into the center of Warsaw, which will be the last opportunity to take pictures of the city center at a really close view to feel like we had Warsaw on hand.


The flight plan is adapted of course to the wishes of passengers (by prior arrangement before the flight).
We can perform a flight to see your holiday home, land for investment, take pictures, or just for the views and relaxation.

Also, the aircraft and pilot are available to our guests throughout the entire period of flight and ground crew will help in completing the formalities and issue the appropriate permits to enter the area ofthe airport. Upon request, our pilot will make you a guided tour of the hangar and will show other aircraft which we use business flight and will explain the basic principles of flight.

We suggest further before the flight:

  1. Meeting at the airport (3 Ksiezycowa str., 01-934 Warsaw). There the Captain will take you over and will guide to the aircraft.
  2. At the plane: briefing, an introduction to the theory of aerodynamics, flight instruments, etc
  3. Preparation for the flight and take-off


The possible aircrafts for this flight are:

  1. Cessna 172 Skylane (max 3 passengers)
    Aircraft interior panorama: http://www.panoramy.callandfly.pl/c182.html
  2. Cessna 206 Stationair (max 4 passengers / much more space)
    Aircraft interior panorama: http://www.panoramy.callandfly.pl/c206.html
  3. Beechcraft Baron BE58 (max 4 passengers / luxury private car – engine plane 2)
    Aircraft interior panorama: http://www.panoramy.callandfly.pl/be58.html
  4. Robinson R44 helicopter (3 passengers)
    Heli interior panorama: http://www.panoramy.callandfly.pl/r44.html
  5. Bell 407 helicopter (5 passengers)
    Heli interior panorama: http://www.panoramy.callandfly.pl/b407.html

In order to receive a price for the boon / flight, please contact: +48 500 803 800 or booking@callandfly.pl