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Airplane charter

Company Call&Fly offers air taxi services or private flights with airplanes and helicopters in Poland and Europe.

Chartering a private airplane is an offer for clients who think that their time has huge priority and are aware that often journeys are connected with losing it. When meetings are at different places and there is so many of them, it is not worth travelling and lodging – we highly recommend chartering your own plane. The pilot and the aircraft are at your disposal during whole flight.

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Benefits of selection the private aircraft / helicopter are:

  1. Useing more than 85 airports in Poland and many more in Europe ( civil aircraft use in Poland only 14 airports),
  2. We land always closest to your destination , often in the centers of large cities ( even at natural surface – grass, sand etc.),
  3. The date, time and route of flight set individually with passengers who remain in constant contact with the captain,
  4. Aircrafts and helicopters are meant to take on the board up to dozen passengers, so even in the smallest machines of the fleet, we are able to keep the highest standards,
  5. We use the VIP terminal and “ fast tracks”. Time of arrival of passengers for departure – average around 10 minutes,
  6. We carry our passengers with a limousine at the aerodrome directly to the aircraft or helicopter,
  7. We have more than 25 types of aircrafts in the fleet so for each flight, we are able to select a plane or helicopter with the best ratio quality / quantity of passengers for flight prices,
  8. Trained , professional staff and competent pilots with years of experience in the airlines,
  9. Quality of service confirmed by passengers of Call & Fly / references on request.

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In addition we are happy to invite you to visit our virtual deck of selected aircrafts and helicopters in our fleet by 360 ° Panoramas : www.panoramy.callandfly.pl and download our catalog in PDF format in English version – www.callandfly.pl/Call&Fly_katalog_EN.pdf [4,34 MB]