Luis Figo and Marco van Basten on the board of Call&Fly

Luis Figo and Marco van Basten on the board of Call&Fly

Today in Mikołajki town Luis Figo, Marco van Basten and Zbigniew Boniek again took part in the special project dedicated to the fans – “The 5th Stadium”. The project is to spur us to commonly support the teams during EURO 2012 and it is promoted by Tyskie brand.figo_vanbasten_boni

Luis Figo and his business partner came from the Torrejon airport in Madrit to Okęcie in Warsaw on Cessna Citation Bravo from Call&Fly fleet. After joining Marco van Basten they flew to Mikołajki on Bell 407 helicopter also prepared by Call&Fly company.

During the conference held in Mikołajki the great soccer players were giving autographs on T-shirts, balls and Polish national flags. After that they took part in a warmly welcomed event in a specially prepared “stadium-tent”, where they fiercely played table soccer match against two daredevils from the audience (Luis and Marco lost 4:10).

After the event, they went back to the helicopter and after reaching Okęcie they departed and headed their homes; Luis Figo went to Madrit and Marco van Basten to Amsterdam. They will be visiting Poland to cheer on Polish national team during EURO 2012.

See the boards of the planes chosen by Figo and van Basten in Call&Fly