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Questions and most important answers

We hope to answer here the most important questions you might want to ask us. If you do not find the answer to your question here, we are available 24/7 to provide any required information: CONTACT

We will respond in just a few minutes. If we need more information, we will ask for it. Once we have complete data for the quote, we will need about 15-30 minutes to send you our aircraft proposals. In more complicated operations (intercontinental flights, mountain flights, to hard-to-reach airports, …) this time will be approximately 1-2 hours. We will definitely do it faster than our industry colleagues 🙂

At international airports (such as Warsaw Okęcie, Katowice Pyrzowice, or Gdańsk Rębiechowo), it is enough to meet the crew 30 minutes before the planned departure time. At uncontrolled/ regional airports (such as Warsaw Babice, Katowice Muchowiec, Bielsko Biała or Mielec), it is enough to arrive 15 minutes before the flight.

Of course, we organize flights all over the world. Not only from Europe to the USA or Asia, but also between other continents, such as from North America to South America or the Caribbean.

On board the aircraft, we’ll offer you a catering tailored to your needs, taking into account food allergies and your preferences. We try to make you feel like you are in the best restaurant, on its top floor.

Yes, private jets are equipped with the most technologically advanced avionics, often giving pilots greater opportunities than those in scheduled aircraft. Private planes are also often newer (in terms of year of production) and much less exploited than typical commercial passenger planes.

On airport a document confirming your identity will be required. However, if you are flying within a given country or within the Schengen area, an ID card is enough for the flight. When going outside, you must have your passport with you (and possibly other documents required by the destination country). For passengers of private planes, check-in takes place without queues in intimate General Aviation Terminals, making it quick and pleasant.

Of course, pets are welcome on board. Depending on the aircraft model, for safety reasons, the maximum weight of the pet or container that we can take on board may vary. You should also remember about your pet’s documents and vaccinations before traveling.
For each such flight, we prepare a bed, a blanket, a water bottle and something to chew on for the pet.

We recommend booking as early as possible to secure the availability of your preferred aircraft and flight date. However, we are able to organize flights also at the last minute, e.g. in 3 hours period, if necessary

We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers and cash payments. We can also block a given amount on your credit card while waiting for the transfer to avoid bank card processing costs. Our staff is available to assist you with the payment process and answer any fee-related questions you may have.

Private planes have cabins ranging from the smallest (like Cessna 182) for 3 passengers, through the most popular configurations for 6-8 passengers (like Cessna Citation CJ2 or XLS) to long-range planes with cabins for 10 to 15 passengers (like Embraer Legacy 650 or Bombardier Global Express).

Private aircraft flights are available to groups of people for both business and leisure purposes. We will tailor the offer to your needs and ensure a comfortable journey for your group, regardless of the trip purpose.

Private planes, like any aircraft, are limited in weight, but in the case of private planes, it is worth paying attention to the available luggage space (baggage hold) and choosing a plane appropriate to the amount of planned luggage. There are planes with very capacious hatches (like Cessna XLS), but there are also those in which the manufacturer gave most of the space to passengers, leaving only a small trunk (like Hawker 400 or Nextant 400 XTi).

The rule of thumb is that if a plane has 8 seats, in terms of its trunk space and take-off weight (if passengers want to take a maximum amount of luggage) you should not plan for more than 6 people. If it has 6 seats, with the maximum amount of luggage you should not go for more than 4, etc.

Typically, we accept 1 large suitcase (20-25 kg) and 1 piece of hand luggage per passenger. However, if there are 2 passengers on a 6-seater plane, there is enough space for each of them to take as many as 3 suitcases.

Our staff will always be happy to advise you on how many passengers and what luggage, which plane will be optimal in terms of comfort and cost.

By choosing to fly on a private aircraft, you will receive not only the highest level of comfort and privacy, but also full flexibility in adapting the trip to your individual needs. Our experienced staff will take care of every detail of the trip, ensuring not only reaching the destination but, above all, an unforgettable memory of the trip. Additionally, Call&Fly offers competitive prices and excellent customer service to ensure you are completely satisfied with our services. Join the group of our satisfied customers and experience a journey that will exceed your expectations!

Yes, private flights provide unrivaled flexibility in planning your trip. Instead of adapting to the schedule of commercial flights, we can plan a flight according to your time preferences and travel route. This means you don’t have to worry about delays, cancellations or long transfers at airports. Our priority is to provide you with a personalized and comfortable travel experience that will meet your expectations in every detail. Choose a private flight and enjoy complete freedom of travel!

Yes, private flights are also an excellent option for shorter flight segments, such as intercity routes, especially where there are small regional or even grass airports. We have a fleet of aircraft that can land in places such as the airports in Kołobrzeg, Suwałki, Bielsko-Biała, Piła, Kielce and make full use of the infrastructure of over 100 small airports and landing strips available in Poland.

With the ability to shorten travel times, avoid long queues and delays at airports, and provide flexibility in travel planning, a private flight can be a quick and convenient way to get to your destination.

See also the map of available airports on: AIRPORT MAP

Yes, our planes are adapted to transport various types of luggage, including sports equipment, special luggage and musical instruments. Contact us and we will help you arrange appropriate transport for your special luggage.

Smoking is prohibited on most airplanes. Many of them allow “light-smoking”, i.e. electronic cigarettes, IQOS and other forms of smoking that are less invasive in terms of smell, but for those who like heavier smoke, we also offer planes on board where you can smoke e.g. a cigar. This involves a fee for the service of cleaning and ionization of the interior after such a flight, but this is of course possible.

When creating an inquiry, please provide such information so that the aircraft we offer meet your requirements.

Depending on the time of day and departure airport, we are able to be ready for departure from our base airport most often within 1 hour of order confirmation.

An example of the history of such a flight when we were needed “right away” and every minute played a role can be found here: AIR TAXI IN 2 HOURS FOR ANTONIO LINDBAECK

On most private jets, you will be able to access your luggage during the flight. This is because the luggage and passengers are at the same level. This is different on commercial airlines, where checked luggage is stored under the floor. On large private jets, luggage is often stored in a storage compartment behind the toilet, which means easy access to your luggage at any time.

Yes, many private jets have Wi-Fi on board. It is billed by data packages or by the number of MB used. If you need internet on board, talk to your personal advisor who will recommend a plane that suits your needs.

Of course. We are aircraft specialists, but we will be happy to help you arrange a transfer in the appropriate class of car to get to the airport or to your destination after your flight.

Planes or helicopters are picked according to the location of the destination, the length of the journey (range of the aircraft), the number of passengers and the required flight comfort. There are places where only a helicopter can land, others can be reached faster, more comfortably and cheaper by plane. There are also distances over which a small plane will suffice and it is not worth incurring costs, and there are distances over which a small plane will not be able to fly without a refueling stop. With a larger group of passengers, the number of people and luggage will largely determine the choice of aircraft.

But please leave that to us. We will choose the best one and your dedicated advisor will present some of the best offers based on your requirements and needs, and will help you make the final decision.

Connecting flights are a common occurrence. After landing of the scheduled plane, the passenger is “greeted by our ground service team and invited to the car that takes us directly to our plane. If passengers have luggage other than hand luggage (registered), airports offer services such as VIP-Line or VIP service on scheduled flights, thanks to which they are able to collect their luggage for passengers and deliver it to the aircraft’s hold for a private flight.

Our offer includes aircraft that are adapted to such operations.
You can find a map of all airports in Poland that we can use here: AIRPORT MAP

This is possible at many airports in the country and abroad and we often organize such operations. They require prior notification and approval of the services that escort such a vehicle to the plane, but of course we also organize such things.