The Rzeczpospolita press about Call&Fly

The Rzeczpospolita press about Call&Fly

Pandemic flight ban? An alternative may be to rent a private plane.
The Rzeczpospolita daily presents the advantages of using Call&Fly air taxi in the issue of 24.12

“Business aircrafts (up to 19 passengers) are exempt from many restrictions and are not treated as collective transport. We can often offer alternative solutions that will allow you to return home or your nearest places outside of Poland “- advertises one of the leading companies in the sky taxi industry, Call&Fly.

During the pandemic and with the blockage of commercial air traffic, renting a private jet or a Cessna became popular. – Last year, a private plane was ready for customer services, now you have to wait in line – tells us the director at a large airport in Poland. This alternative is used not only by rich businessmen.

Maciej Kowalczyk, the operational director of Call&Fly, admits that the interest in the pandemic is greater. – We can fly to any airport in the world without changes, as before the pandemic, with the difference that now we have to demonstrate that passengers meet the requirements of a given destination country – explains Kowalczyk. This includes, for example, filling out a location card or having a negative Covid-19 test, documenting the nature of the trip, a certificate that the stay will not last longer than 24 hours. – We work with laboratories where we can test passengers so that they receive test results for Covid-19 up to 24 hours – adds Kowalczyk.

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