Rzeczpospolita – „Feelings for planes”

Rzeczpospolita – „Feelings for planes”

More and more Varsovians are choosing travelling by planes. One of the reasons are renovations of roads and railroads! It takes them over tree hours to get to Cracov or Poznan, to tri-city area in Poland – six hours. Of course we are talking about travels due to schedule because there are unexpected stops on renovating railroads. In addition you can not suspect that you can get to your destination faster by bus – on renovation roads you can meet unimaginable traffic.

Because of that, Varsovians much more often are looking on airplanes’ direction. That solution is more expensive but more predictable. – Interest in travelling by planes is bigger nowadays – confirm spokesman of PLL LOT Leszek Chorzewski. To travel by EuroCity train to Poznan you have to spend 115,5 PLN similar to express to Cracov. Communication lines which try to catch InterCity passangers offer tickets to destination and back for around 160-170 PLN. Trains’ passangers are looking for that kind of promotions so you can get free seats to Cracow and Poznan around November.

Businessmen are choosing Air Taxi more and more often.

– We are handful of work having few flights for a day. We are in airspace from 6 a.m. to late evening hours – says Maciej Kowalczyk, air taxi Call & Fly CEO. He explains that flight to tri-city area costs around 7 thousand PLN, if you will split it up for four persons who can take for example Cessna 206, it costs you 875 PLN which is similar to business class in ship plane. In addition you don’t have to wait hours to check-in and fit in planned time.

Air lines do not have to worry about contrattack from other communication ways so far. You can expect first effects no sooner than in the middle of 2012 – says spokesman of PKP Polish Railway Line Krzysztof Łańcucki.

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