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Because of agreement signed between Call&Fly. municipality of Ustka, Pomeranian voivode and owners of seaside resort. The offer provides fast and comfortable travelling from capital city to the sea which takes no more that two hours.

We are offering bussines and tourist connection from anywhere in Europe to the resort – USTKA. The client books a flight and comes to the Warsaw-Babice or Okecie Airport. In no longer than one and a half hour from start our aircraft lands on Slupsk Krepa Airport (EPSR) from where passengers have ordered car which is already waiting to take them to destination place/ chosen hotel.

In 3 hours maximum we are able to attend on our client comprehensively when cost of this kind of service is from 3 to 8 thousand PLN for one way flight.

Ustka is seaside health resort in the middlecost. Landscape’s and microclimat’s conditions are unique and make it wonderful place to go for holidays and other occasions. Thanks to dynamic growth and promotion done by municipality Ustka has more and more interest from bussines clients.

Contact: Ustka City
Wyszynskiego Street no. 3
Piotr Wszółkowski tel. (0-59) 815-43-50
adres email: promocja@um.ustka.pl

Slupsk Krepa Airport
Koordynaty GPS: 54°24’30.34”N / 017°05’44.25”E

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