Even more fans of Paweł Domagała thanks to efficient flights!

Even more fans of Paweł Domagała thanks to efficient flights!

Mr. Paweł Domagała recently gave us great pleasure as our guest on board in flight to Szczecin. Thanks to the efficient use of a twin-engine fast aircraft, a quick flight to Szczecin was possible and immediately (after the concert) a return flight to Warsaw!

We keep our fingers crossed for the next hits and the next joint flights!

Paweł Domagała (born on January 19, 1984 in Wrocław) – Polish actor, singer, musician and cabaret artist.

He collaborated with many theaters, including Teatr Na Woli Tadeusz Łomnicki and the Dramatic Theater Gustaw Holoubek (currently combined as the Dramatic Theater in Warsaw), the Montownia Theater, the “Polonia” Theater, and the Universal Theater Jan Kochanowski in Radom. On the boards of the latter, while still in high school, he played one of his first roles – the character of Ignas in the play “Trans-Atlantic” directed by Krzysztof Galos. Since June 2016, he has been associated with the Kwadrat Theater in Warsaw.

He is a member of the Cabaret at the End of the World.

In 2009, together with Igor Przebindowski, Wojciech Król and Fryderyk Młynarski, he founded the musical group Ginger. In April 2016 he released his first solo single “I’m worth it”, for which he made the music video. The song was on his debut studio album, entitled I will tell you about me, released on November 18, 2016.

On June 16, 2018, he released the single “Take Do Not Ask”, heralding his second studio album, titled 1984. The song became a hit and won the title of Hit of the Year 2018 RMF FM, and the music video made for it was played more than 100 million times on YouTube. In November, he released the single ‘Sufficient for me’ and in 2019 the single ‘Sometimes’.